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There are really no secrets when it gets to climbing rank in League of Legends, if you want to get into your desired division you have to put the work for it. Playing league in a competitive environment that ranked queue offers still requires your full attention. Most challengers elo players have a schedule outside of the game that helps them get in the right mentality to play you’re a-game. I would say this routine is as important as mechanical skills yet nobody talks about it unless you have experienced enough games to notice the pattern. As a League of Legends elo booster that has played over 20k ranked games, I will speak from experience and help you understand the difference on what’s going on between the win streaks and the loss streaks. Our goal is to sustain win streaks as long as possible and decrease the length of our loss streaks. By maintaining a positive state of mind during times of hardship, we are able to effectively climb the League of Legends elo ladder improvement

Getting into a ranked with the right mindset is the first thing that you should do. Feeling tired? Don’t queue for ranked. Feeling angry? Don’t queue for ranked. Feeling hungry? Don’t queue for ranked. Although it sounds simple these factors will affect your mechanics and macro in ways you wouldn’t image. If you’re feeling any of these emotions take a moment to  calm down, eat some food and get some rest before committing 60 minutes of your life to one ranked match.

Time matters for everyone, even if they say it doesn’t, with a strong mentality you need to try to encourage players that are feeling down instead of getting dragged down by those people that are being toxic. If you flame them back most of the time even on a winnable game these players will AFK or grief just out of pride.  Most of the times I laugh at it, and just mute them without saying anything. Doing so blocks them out of my perception of the game and I can continue to play effectively. By maintaining your composure and not giving up early, you will maximize your win rate. Here’s a pretty cool book that is applicable to League of Legends – it describes the importance of being able to prolong your A-game and decrease the length of your B/C/F-games. It’s about Poker, but the concepts will apply to boosting your elo in League of Legends.

One thing to note, I wasn’t always like this. I used to get angry over each loss or just give up and propose a surrender when everyone was arguing on chat instead of playing.  Back in season 2 I didn’t understand the importance of the mental game and coupled with my poor mechanical skills I only reached Gold rank (1600 mmr at the time). It wasn’t until mid of the season 3 when everything clicked. I related League of Legends to my experiences from playing StarCraft (where I also achieved high rank). I noticed that the most significant difference between Starcraft and League of Legends is that Starcraft was a 1v1 game where my actions where the sole reason of winning or losing, no one else, no one else to blame. I started to think, what if I don’t focus on anyone else in League? I started to question every aspect my gameplay and through application of strategy and improvement of mechanics I was able to climb to Diamond 1 elo.

well rested before playing league of legends ranked gamesApart from keeping up your mental game being well rested is another important factor in boosting your elo.  As long as you are well rested, you we able to play mechanically at your fullest potential. Many people that are stuck in ELO hell will immediately go into ranked after a long day of work or school. Doing this results in you carrying all the weight and stress in your brain that will negatively impact decision making, premature give up, and negative attitude. Even our best lol elo boosters will sometimes play significantly below their level when they aren’t rested – remember, never play when you are not on your A game. One loss will need 2 wins just to get ahead of where you started. Consider that before you queue up angry for another League of Legends ranked game. These concepts are especially important when you are playing your lol placement games! A loss in your placement matches may set you back several divisions or even a full tier. Talk about a long time to make up for one mistake.

Feeling hungry? Make sure you are playing on a full stomach. Have breakfast, lunch or dinner first before going into ranked, simple as that, concentration needs to be 100% on the ranked match in order to climb the ladder effectively. You need to be 100% focused on your match and give it your full attention.

Another factor to note: Distractions can lead to misplays too, if you play with friends in your discord, teamspeak or skype (oh god why are you still using skype?) you won’t be fully focused on your match, on what’s going on every lane, if the enemy has a summoner spell up, or where the jungler might actually be in the fog of war, all these things you got to constantly ask in a game and you can’t have any distractions

And the worst of all, tilt. Suddenly you do all the things that I’ve talked about in this short topic, only playing when rested, well eaten and no distractions but you are still losing even when you feel like you are playing the best you can, you start to wonder if it’s worth it, again, this lead into extreme levels of tilt. My advice to you is, if you lose 3 ranked lol games in a row, stop for the day and go do something else. Consider playing normals or aram if you still feel like playing league (you can regain confidence by punishing some noobs 😉 and restart your grind the next day! I hope you enjoyed reading my article and I wish you the best of luck on the rift!

Nexus is a professional lol elo booster that has been boosting since S1. In his free time, he likes to travel, eat good food, and watch the latest shows on Netflix. If you’re interested in personal coaching with Nexus, don’t hesitate to contact him via livechat. He’s looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Written by Nexus – 25-06-2018

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