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League of legends Placement

Below you can see our League of Legends Placement Calculator. If you have any Questions about it simply Contact us!

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Presales FAQ

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We are an elo boosting company that was founded in 2013. As one of the oldest League of Legends elo boosting services. Over the years we have accumulated countless vouches and testimonials from satisfied customers. You can check out one of our boosting threads and see what customers have to say about our services. We want to make sure you are comfortable having our boosters on your account. We know you’ve invested a lot of money and want to ensure you that your account is in good hands.

Elo boosting on League of Legends is a service that Eloboosts.com provides to our customers. We find qualified boosters that have shown capability in climbing the ranks and we will boost your account to your desired ELO. Our boosters have years of experience and will make sure your order is completed promptly and securely. If you have custom requests you can communicate them directly in the Boosting Area.

In League of Legends, the competitive game mode is based on a hidden ELO rating (MMR). The game places you with players that have similar win loss ratios in order to ensure a competitive environment. Sometimes a string of bad luck puts you well below your rightful ranking. Instead of having to carry your teammates of the course of months, our boosters work together to ensure you are back at your rightful ranking quickly. Check out our industry leading low prices with our calculator.

Here is a list of services that we currently offer (if you need something not on this list contact live chat)

- League of Legends Elo Boosting (Solo)

- League of Legends Elo Boosting (Flex)

- League of Legends Placement Games

- League of Legends Net Wins

- League of Legends Coaching

- League of Legends Smurf Accounts

- League of Legends Duo Queue with Boosters (Simply select “duo with booster” before checkout).

Every season Riot resets every League of Legend player’s ranking in order to ensure fairness to all players. Your first 10 games will have a major impact on where you start the season in terms of ranking ladder. It is therefore crucial to perform well during your placement games. Ensure you start your season on the right foot by hiring one of our skilled boosters!

Where you place will depend entirely on your rating from last season – please bear in mind even if we win all 10 the maximum ranking will be Platinum tier. Eloboosts.com guarantees 7/10 wins on every placement game order. Sometimes our boosters will go 10/10 wins!

If our boosters fail to win 7/10 games during your placement matches we will give you a free additional 5 net wins.

If you don’t want others to access your account you can select the duo queue boosting option. One of our boosters will then find an account near your elo and then duo queue with you. This is the safest option to boost your elo but will cost slightly more.

As seasoned experts in the market, we will make sure your account is in good hands. Our track record shows elo boosts completed promptly. Don’t believe us? Check our forum postings to see thousands of happy customers. In addition, we guarantee we have the cheapest prices available. Find a better price? We will beat it!

Although you must acknowledge that there is a risk of punishment that comes with purchasing an elo boosts, your account will be in good hands. If your account does get punished for something that a booster did, we will provide a full refund and compensation similar to what your is worth.

Yes you do. Every time you place an order at Eloboosts.com, such as League of Legends Solo or Duo Queue elo boosting your account will be fully covered by our insurance policy.

If you’re interested in becoming a booster, please send an email to boosters@eloboosts.com. Please be ready to verify your ranking!